Empirical Investigation of the structuring, ordering, and presentation of argumentative explanations in recommender sytems (Bachelor Komedia/ Informatik)


The proposed thesis topic aims to conduct the offline user study to investigate the structuring, ordering, and presentation of the argumentative explanations in digital cameras recommender system (RS). Where the argumentation in RS is the process of presenting series of positive and negative statements to support users in their decision-making processes, by either supporting or contradicting the recommended items. The topic will address the following research questions: 1) What should be the structure and granularity of the arguments for different users? 2) How the arguments should be ordered and presented to the users?. An elaborated offline user study needs to be designed to address the above-mentioned research questions in the domain of Digital Camera recommender system. Through this research the student must be able to develop general structure of argumentation for recommendations considering various information types i.e., user past ratings and feature preferences, preferences of similar users, and contextual information. The study will then explore presentation methods to present these structured argumentation.


Sidra Naveed

External PhD Student