In-Store Augmented Reality-Enabled Product Comparison and Recommendation

Álvarez Márquez, J. O., & Ziegler, J. (2020). 14th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, 180–189.


We present an approach combining the AR-based presentation of product attributes in a physical retail store with recommendations for items only available online. The system supports users’ decision-making process by offering functions for comparing product features between items, both physical and online, and by providing recommendations based on selecting in-store products. The physical products may thus serve as anchors for forming the user’s preferences, also offering a richer and more engaging experience when exploring the products hands-on. Both objective product attributes as well as the visual appearance of a physical product are employed for generating recommendations from the online space. In this way, the advantages of online and in-store shopping can be combined, creating novel multi-channel opportunities for businesses. An empirical evaluation showed that the comparison and recommendation functions were appreciated by users, and hinted some possible benefits of a hybrid physical-online shopping support system. Despite the limitations of the study, there is sufficient evidence to consider this a viable approach worth to be further explored.


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