Behavioral Interventions: Reducing the negative effect of stress in daily life (Bachelor or Master Komedia)

Behavioral Intervention (BI) is a combination of services, advices, activities, and supports for the subjects to change an existing behavior or shape a new one. Professionals practice a broad spectrum of BI approaches, with healthy as well as unhealthy population, and for various types of behaviors and scopes. They use a broad range of BI methods in education, prevention, monitoring, and support of the subjects who may require interventions for learning and shaping a healthy lifestyle and behavior, for example, with a focus on weight-gain /loss, smoke cessation, physical activity, healthy diet, etc.

This thesis aims to study theories of behavioral intervention and to come up with suitable interventions for reducing the negative effect of stress in daily life. In this thesis, you would consider the science and state of the art practices in designing, evaluating implementing novel behavioral interventions for stress for maximum impact on the mental well-being of individuals.

You would, in the end, evaluate the designed intervention.

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Helma Torkamaan