Seminar: Mobile Health Promotion (winter 2018)

This seminar is a discussion of research trends, application, tools, and techniques of ubiquitous computing and affective computing in the area of health promotion.

By successfully attending the seminar, you demonstrate and practice the following technical and soft skills:

  • Ability to perform an independent search for relevant scientific literature
  • Ability to understand and evaluate scientific literature and research results
  • Ability to present and to critically discuss these results
  • Ability to evaluate, review, and discuss presentations and papers of others
  • Ability to constructively deal with critical feedbacks
  • Ability to perform presentations, answer questions and deliver a paperwork within a given time frame independently following the given guidelines

Content: Current conferences and journal papers

Exam achievement: 20 minutes oral presentation, in class exercises, seminar report.

The main topics compromise, but are not limited to:

  • User tracking framework and solutions
  • Behavior change models
  • Stress interventions
  • Just in time or interruptability
  • Notifications
  • Prediction and Anticipation
  • Stress recognition
  • Time series for health
  • Optimizing mHealth interventions
  • Health Recommender Systems
  • Mindfullness and stress reduction
  • Smartphone dependency and addiction
  • Social media related to mood and stress


  • Course language: English
  • Audience: Angewandte Informatik, ISE, Komedia, other



Helma Torkamaan