Target audience

As part of the Department for Computer Science and Applied Cognitive Science, we regularly offer courses for students of Applied Computer Science, Komedia, and ISE on a bachelor and master level. Please note that most of our courses are held in German.

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Summer semester 2018

Lecture: Electronic Business

Electronic business describes the support of business processes in and between organizations through information and communication technologies. The goals include customer oriented design and optimization of business processes, automated software support for enterprise processes, and the development of cross-company standards and protocols.

Lecture: Interaktive Systeme

The lecture Interaktive Systeme deals with different concepts and technologies in the area of human-computer-interaction, as well as designing systems taking the user and tasks in consideration.

Lecture: Recommender Systems

This course introduces the most important techniques used for recommendation generation. In addition to that, cognitive aspects with regard to online consumer decision making are discussed as well as methods for empirically evaluating the quality of recommenders.

Seminar: Affective Computing and Ubiquitous Computing for Health Promotion

This seminar is a discussion of research trends, application, tools, and techniques of ubiquitous computing and affective computing in the area of health promotion.

Student project: Produktberater im E-Commerce

Product advisors are used to aid buyers to find the product they actually need. Based on a series of carefully crafted questions the set of available products is filtered down to a reasonable size from which the buyer can pick his choice. Within th…

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Recurring courses

  • Human Computer Interaction (Bachelor Komedia, Angew. Informatik, ISE)
  • Interactive Systems (Master Komedia and AI)
  • Electronic Business (Master Komedia, Bachelor AI)
  • Recommender Systems (Master Komedia, AI, ISE)

In addition to that, we regularly offer projects (at bachelor and master level) as well as seminars on various topics.

Open subjects for student theses (bachelor's/master's)

The following thesis subjects are currently available. However, students are also invited to make suggestions. Please make sure to read our guidelines for writing a thesis before applying for a topic.

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