Augmented Reality Advisor

Recent advances in augmented reality (AR) technology have opened new doors to human-computer interaction. Although gestures and voice are mainly used to manipulate virtual elements in AR, in some scenarios it may be more intuitive to provide a virtual agent that addresses users directly, especially when they have no previous experience with such technology (i.e. customers in a shopping context).

This project aims at the creation of a general purpose augmented reality advisor that runs under Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses. It must be able to interact with the user and provide information related to a chosen domain.


  • Concept (domain, appearance, ways of interaction and possible responses)
  • Create and animate a 3D human-shaped model (Blender + Unity)
  • Implement the human-advisor interaction (Unity + HoloLens)
  • Evaluation


  • Programming knowledge
  • 3D modelling (desirable, not necessarily required)
  • Unity (desirable, not necessarily required)

Kick-Off: 17.10. 10:00-11:00

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Date and location

Tuesdays, 10.00 – 16.00



Jesús Álvarez


Jürgen Ziegler

Full Professor