MuPeT: A framework for enabling multi-perspective problem elaboration

Manske, S., Álvarez Márquez, J. O., Giemza, A., & Hoppe, H. U. (2014). Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2014, 218–223.


Creativity techniques gain importance in education and business areas day by day. Beyond the well-known brainstorming, which focuses on divergent thinking, lateral thinking will encourage the individual to regard the situation from a variety of perspectives by breaking old mind patterns and forming new connections and perceptions. Examples like “Six Thinking Hats” or “(Walt) Disney Method” consist of group discussions, where specific roles are assigned to the participants to enforce a discourse with different perspectives. Electronic group discussion systems can compensate the deficits of verbal (face-to-face) discussions through motivating passive discussants to participate. Furthermore, a system can provide a persistent logging of contributions and an explicit representation of a contribution according to the perspective of the participant. We present a novel approach, which allows both authoring and performing such multi-perspective creativity methods. In addition, the participant’s user interface is optimized for mobile devices. Finally we show first results of usability evaluations covering authoring and performing of a created method.