Towards a Better Understanding of Online Influence: Differences in Twitter Communication Between Companies and Influencers

Hernandez Bocanegra, D. C., Borchert, A., Brünker, F., Shahi, G. K., & Ross, B. (2020). ACIS 2020 Proceedings, 18.


In the last decade, Social Media platforms such as Twitter have gained importance in the various marketing strategies of companies. This work aims to examine the presence of influential content on a textual level, by investigating characteristics of tweets in the context of social impact theory, and its dimension immediacy. To this end, we analysed influential Twitter communication data during Black Friday 2018 with methods from social media analytics such as sentiment analysis and degree centrality. Results show significant differences in communication style between companies and influencers. Companies published longer textual content and created more tweets with a positive sentiment and more first-person pronouns than influencers. These findings shall serve as a basis for a future experimental study to examine the impact of text presence on consumer cognition and the willingness to purchase.


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