Publications by Kaveh Bakhtiyari

Published in 2018

Cloudchain: A Blockchain-Based Coopetition Differential Game Model for Cloud Computing

New Insights Towards Developing Recommender Systems

Published in 2017

The Effect of Presentation in Online Advertising on Perceived Intrusiveness and Annoyance in Different Emotional States

KinRes: depth sensor noise reduction in contactless respiratory monitoring

Published in 2015

Hybrid affective computing: keyboard, mouse and touch screen: from review to experiment

Published in 2014

Planning for sustainable development in the emerging information societies

Fuzzy Model of Dominance Emotions in Affective Computing

Ethical and unethical methods of plagiarism prevention in academic writing

Implementation of Emotional-Aware Computer Systems Using Typical Input Devices

Published in 2013

Agent-based Computational Investing Recommender System

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