Guidelines for writing student theses

How to

We regularly offer bachelor and master theses covering various topics related to our research areas. Interested students shall contact our staff directly and mention the field they are interested in, as well as their academic background (list of completed courses, programming background, etc.).

Before officially signing up for a thesis, it is mandatory to deliver a written proposal with a minimum of 5 pages. The proposal shall give an overview of the goals of the thesis, the existing work that it builds upon, as well as the methods that will be used. A few weeks before the final submission deadline of the thesis, students shall also give an oral presentation to the group, in which they present their findings, discuss any encountered issues, and describe how the work could be improved in the future.


Our Primer (PDF) contains general information about what we expect from you when writing a paper for a seminar or a thesis at our group.


Although not mandatory, we strongly encourage you to use the following documents when preparing a paper or thesis. We recommend using the LaTeX documents. However, MS Word templates are provided as well.

Additional information