Grimmix is a Java computer game, which is connected to a storytelling engine based on Prolog and Bayesian Networks. Both the game and the engine were developed in the course of a student project at our research group. The story engine of Grimmix enables a dynamic generation of game episodes, which are based on fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. These fairy tales provide an applicable basis for manipulating the game episodes by player behavior. The characters of the fairy tales react to the player’s actions and relations to other characters generating a new fairy tale for each play session. Next to the pre-defined quests and missions, which are selected by the bayesian networks, a story generator written in Prolog produces new quests according to a story grammar.

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Jürgen Ziegler

Full Professor


Jörg Niesenhaus

Former team member

Markus Specker

Former team member


Spielerverhalten und Storyerzeugung in interaktiven Spielumgebungen am Beispiel der Grimmix Story-Engine

A Design Space for Interactive Digital Storytelling