Playful and Social Interaction

Design principles and interaction styles found in computer games bear a high potential for improving the user experience also in other, more ‘serious’ applications. We apply the concept of playfulness in a range of domains, such as medical and health applications, energy efficiency or smart mobility. In the FOSIBLE project, for instance, we combined playful health training with social interaction among elderly users. Other developments have addressed, for example, improving the health condition in juvenile diabetics or involving citizens in urban planning.

Game Design and Analytics

We support research and development teams through all stages of the game design process and perform player experience and game usability studies focussing on user tests in our game lab. The lab features video and eye tracking systems and the option to conduct remote tests. Furthermore, we use game metrical data to analyze player behavior, balance game mechanics and identify general issues within the game design.


Game Design and Gamification

We support research and development teams through all stages of the game design process and perform player experience and game usability studies. We utilize video and eye-tracking systems as well as remote tests to investigate into game usability aspects. Furthermore, the application of game design methodologies in traditional work environments is one particular focus. Coined as gamification, we design, apply and measure gamified processes.



Johannes Kunkel


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