Funded by the EFRE-Program and in cooperation with NFC21, this project aims to the development of an integrated, cloud-based platform with functions that considerably simplify the creation of innovative, customer-centric and experience-oriented trade fair presentations.

In addition to the pure presentation of products and services, modern trade fairs should also create an attractive, personalised brand image and customer experience. The FairWays concept uses NFC techniques to compile personalised information of trade fair visitors, creating opportunities to provide product recommendations, include playful elements (e. g. routes with quizzes and competitions along them) and allow for a more sustainable communication of information.

The Interactive Systems Group supports the project by providing resources and supervision for the creation of suitable gamification and interaction concepts, assisting also in the design, implementation and integration of augmented-reality-based solutions.

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Jürgen Ziegler

Full Professor

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Jesús Álvarez Márquez

Former team member


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