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The mission of the GDI.Ruhr is to intensely support the games industry in the Ruhr region to tap growth potentials and to increase the visibility and reputation of the region’s companies within and outside the region. Having its head office at Campus Duisburg, the “Game Technology Competence Center NRW (GTCC.NRW)” works closely together with the Mülheim & Business GmbH. The Interactive Systems research group contributes its extensive experience in technological research projects and assists the knowledge transfer between academia and industry. Currently, more than 20 companies from the Ruhr region and several partnering firms from outside the region support the GDI.Ruhr. In the Ruhr region the focus of the games industry is on research and game development. Additional competences and know-how from outside the region contributes to the operations of the companies that are located here.

A branch office of GTCC.NRW is situated at the Games Factory in Mülheim an der Ruhr. In a unique and dynamic environment, start-ups are supported in a market-oriented manner.The GDI.Ruhr is a winner of the Create.NRW 2009 (EU-NRW Goal-2) competition.

The activities of the GDI.Ruhr rest on four pillars:

Start-Up Support. To support entrepreneurs in setting up their games company, three start-up labs have been established in the Games Factory Ruhr. These incubators provide excellent conditions for entrepreneurs: two workplaces are fully equipped, the offices can be used rent-free for a specified project dependent time period, soft- and middleware is provided free-to-use until a commercial deal is reached. In addition, special training and counseling services are provided, covering a broad range of management and technical topics.

Research & Education. The University of Duisburg-Essen with their study programs in “Applied Computer Science” and “Applied Cognitive and Media Science” has extensive experience in the education of new talent as well as with technological research projects for the games industry. In addition, the UDE contributes with special practice-oriented conferences and lectures to the GDI.Ruhr.

Growth-Support and Training. The GDI.Ruhr supports established games companies and their employees with special management counseling and training programs, with technical seminars as well as with the development of new financing programs in cooperation with financial institutions.

Networking and Events. Diverse events – conferences, seminars – are organized by the GDI.Ruhr and its partners to facilitate cooperations within the games industry and with traditional industry sectors. The participation with own booths under the roof of the initiative at major trade fairs (e.g. at the gamescom in Cologne) and the organization of recruiting events are also services that are provided.

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