Innovative and high-performance software applications follow the current state of research and development. In order to meet this requirement, in the project Engage.NRW the Interactive Systems Research Group occupies with technological-scientific aspects of Game Usability, Player & Game Analytics, User Experience as well as Gamification Patterns und Processes. Furthermore, our research and development refers to techniques and tools for engineering high-perfomance interactive applications. Offering regular trainings ensures knowledge transfer into the games sector in order to generate service innovations for their customers.

Besides the training of employees of the games sector the education of young talents is highly relevant. Here, our educational as well as networking activities play an important role. The University of Duisburg-Essen has extensive experience in the education of new talents as well as with technological research projects for the games industry through their study programs in “Applied Computer Science” and “Applied Cognitive and Media Science”. Currently, we are working on the extension of our lectures and courses according to the project’s focus. Building on existing cooperations with a number of game developers in NRW, we focus on business-related student projects. Moreover, there is an effort to make relevant lectures available for other universities in NRW and interested practitioners through e-learning and streaming services in order to ensure knowledge transfer.

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The open source gamification engine is a RESTful service meant to support engineers gamifying working processes.