Context Adaptive Interaction in Cooperative Knowledge-Intense Processes

Betz, M., Glukhova, A., Joop, B., & Veiel, D. (2008). In P. Isaías, B. M. Nunes, & D. Ifenthaler (Eds.), Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference WWW INTERNET 2008 Freiburg, Germany. IADIS Press.


In the field of CSCW and groupware systems context-adaptivity plays an important role for computer supported knowledge-intense cooperative processes. In this contribution four different perspectives are combined into one integrated conceptual approach for context adaptive interaction: cooperative service-oriented tailoring for contextual adaptation, a probabilistic concept to provide an adaptive semantic desktop, the integration of real life knowledge- and collaboration-artefacts and traceably requirements engineering for communities-of-practice in this application domain. These four approaches are combined in one common context-model which is the basis for further research. This paper presents a structured and integrated overview of this undertaking followed by some experiences and lessons learned from the cooperative modelling activities in this heterogeneous field.


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Context-adaptive interaction in cooperative knowledge processes

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