Fostering Social Interaction in AAL: Methodological reflections on the coupling of real household Living Lab und SmartHome approaches

Budweg, S., Lewkowicz, M., Müller, C., & Schering, S. (2012). i-Com : Zeitschrift Für Interaktive Und Kooperative Medien, 11(3), 30–35.


For user-centred design of ICT solutions in the AAL field, an approach combining real household living lab and SmartHome lab seems promising. Based on our experiences within the AAL project FoSIBLE, we propose a mixed-method approach to develop and evaluate a Social TV system from both a bird’s eye and worm’s-eye perspective in regards to user acceptance and rejection. We provide insights into the methodological strategies and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of our proposition to demonstrate how the different methodological approaches can augment each other in the different phases of AAL projects.


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