Recommending Running Routes: Framework and Demonstrator

Loepp, B., & Ziegler, J. (2018). Proceedings of the 2nd Second Workshop on Recommendation in Complex Scenarios (ComplexRec ’18), 26–29.

Thesis by Marc Morgenbrod


Recommending personalized running routes is a challenging task. When the runner’s specific background as well as needs, preferences and goals are taken into account, a recommender cannot only rely on e.g. a set of existing routes ran by others, but needs to individually generate each route while considering many different aspects that determine whether a suggestion will satisfy the runner in the end, e.g. height meters or areas passed. We describe a framework that summarizes these aspects, allowing to generate personalized running routes. Based on this framework, we present a prototypical smartphone app that we implemented to actually demonstrate how running routes can be recommended based on the different requirements a runner might have. A first small study where users had to try this app and ran some of the recommended routes underlines the general effectiveness of our approach.


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