Lecture: Info N (winter 2011)

The lecture Info N gives an introduction in the basic concepts and methods of Computer Science, with a focus on new media technologies and applications.

The following topics are discussed in the lecture:

  • History of Computer Science
  • Computer architecture and operating systems
  • Information representation in computers
  • Encoding and compression methods
  • Programming concepts & data structures
  • Sorting algorithms
  • Communication networks & Internet
  • Databases & SQL
  • Website development with (X)HTML and CSS


  • Gumm, H.-P. und Sommer, M.:Einführung in die Informatik.Oldenbourg-Verlag, 5. Aufl. 2002
  • Herold, H.; Lurz, B.; Wohlrab, J.:Grundlagen der Informatik, Pearson Studium 2007

Additional literature about Petri nets

  • Informatik für Ingenieure / Hering, ab Seite 231. In der UB: TUA1982
  • Vorlesungen über Informatik, Band 1 / Goos. In der UB: TUA2019
  • Informatik: Eine grundlegende Einführung, Band 2 / Broy. In der UB: TUA1908


Tim Hussein

Former team member

Werner Gaulke

Former team member

Timo Stegemann

Former team member

Jürgen Ziegler

Full Professor