Student project: Smart Mobility (winter 2011)


Conceptualization and development of a car sharing community portal


The mobility of the future requires radical changes in both technology and human behavior in order to preserve natural resources and shift the energy consumption towards regenerative energy sources. At the same time, the mobility requirements of individual persons need to be fulfilled. Electric vehicle networks represent a promising approach that targets both of these conflicting goals.

The goal of this project is the conceptualization and development of a web platform for car sharing communities. By means of a suitable visualization, community members shall be able to locate other members and free cars in the vicinity. Also, they need to be informed of the cars’ charging states, and charging times shall be accommodated for accordingly.

The project is divided into a theoretical and a practial part. In the theoretical part, which takes place in the form of a seminar, the students will look into the methods and technologies that will be used in the practical part.


Daniel M√ľnter

Former team member

Timm Linder

Former team member