Seminar: Conversational User Interfaces for Search and Recommending

This seminar lays the focus on recent research trends in the area of conversational user interfaces (CUI). This type of user interface is used more and more often, for example, in recommender systems and for product search. Natural language processing is often used to enable direct, human-like engagement with the systems, such as known from chatbots. Accordingly, the topics of the seminar will comprise, but are not limited to, theoretical and methodological approaches for designing and understanding CUI interactions, measurement of the impact of CUI design on user behavior, the role and impact of system personalization, ethical issues and challenges around the design and widespread use of AI, etc. Exact topics will be discussed at the kick-off meeting.

Registration: Please write a mail including your name, student ID, and study program to Benedikt Loepp. We will use a waiting list if needed.

Content: Participants will be asked to prepare a 20 minute talk about one topic and to write a seminar paper (about 10 pages).

Dates: For kick-off meeting and presentations: see below. The deadline for the seminar paper is end of the semester.

More details will be presented at the kick-off meeting.


  • Course language: German
  • Exam type: Seminar paper
  • Exam language: German
  • Audience: Angewandte Informatik, Komedia

Date and location

Kick-off meeting (only for registered students):

  • 16th November 2021

Presentation dates:

  • Mid January




Benedikt Loepp


J├╝rgen Ziegler

Full Professor