Katja Herrmanny, M. Sc.

Since working at the Interactive Systems group, Katja Herrmanny has been engaged in several EU, BMBF, and BMWi funded projects, which are FoSIBLE, GDI.Ruhr, ECOWEB, KOLEGEA, Engage.NRW and PAnalytics. Within this work, she focused on innovative interaction concepts on platforms designed for specific users. This includes aspects of usability, user experience and playful interaction. Katjas major research interests are health-related persuasive and motivational applications as well as interactive systems for elderly users.

Katja holds a Master of Science in Applied Cognitive and Media Science (with honor) with computer science being her major subject. She started working at the Interactive Systems group as a researcher in 2012 while studying the master program of Applied Cognitive and Media Science. She is a PhD candidate since 2015.

Katja is member of the Graduation Committee of the Department of Informatics and Applied Cognitive Science.

Phone +49 (203) 379-3828
Fax +49 (203) 379-3557
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Selected publications

The impact of prediction uncertainty in recommendations for health-related behavior

Using psychophysiological parameters to support users in setting effective activity goals

Supporting users in setting effective goals in activity tracking

Sensor-based and tangible interaction with a TV community platform for seniors

Ein Vorgehensmodell für angewandte Spielformen

Tagungsband des Workshops "Gemeinsam Altern erleben"

Das Projekt PAnalytics – Selbstmonitoring für gesundes Altern

Der IGQ - Ein Messinstrument für die Wirksamkeit von Gamification

Blended Recommending: Integrating Interactive Information Filtering and Algorithmic Recommender Techniques

Tagungsband des Workshops "Senioren interaktiv unterwegs – (Kooperations-) Systeme gestalten"

Ein Vorgehensmodell zur Entwicklung von Gameful Design für Unternehmen

MyMovieMixer: Ein hybrider Recommender mit visuellem Bedienkonzept

Gamification für ältere Menschen – Potenziale und Herausforderungen


Main research topics

Administrative functions

  • Elected member of the graduation committee of the department of Informatics and Applied Cognitive Science, since 2016

Organization of events and workshops

  • AAL-Workshop at Mensch & Computer (M&C),
    Program Committee, 2015
  • AAL-Workshop at Mensch & Computer (M&C),
    Program Committee, 2014
  • AAL-Workshop at Mensch & Computer (M&C),
    Program Committee, 2013
  • World Usability Day - Event of the Metropolian Ruhr (WUD) Organzier, 2013

Review activities for conferences and workshops

  • ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), Reviewer 2018
  • ACM International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI), Reviewer 2017
  • ACM Multimedia Conference (ACMMM),
    Reviewer 2017
  • ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video - Demos Track (ACM TVX),
    Reviewer 2017
  • AAL-Workshop at Mensch & Computer (M&C),
    Reviewer 2015
  • AAL-Workshop at Mensch & Computer (M&C),
    Reviewer 2014
  • AAL-Workshop at Mensch & Computer (M&C),
    Reviewer 2013

Review activities for journals

  • i-com Journal of Interactive Media (i-com)