colognE-mobil II

The University of Duisburg-Essen joins Ford Werke GmbH, RheinEnergie AG, the City of Cologne, and others, in an expert consortium “ColognE-mobil” to explore the multifarious facets of electromobility. While Ford conducts studies with battery-powered vehicles, RheinEnergie investigates novel charging technologies and infrastructural questions that come along with e-mobility. The City of Cologne implements and surveys intra-urban integration of electromobility with special regard to the impact on a clean air plan, a noise action plan as well as safety and legal aspects.

Researchers from several institutes of the University of Duisburg-Essen investigate not only technological aspects, e.g. improving batteries, but also analyze the project’s results, including customer acceptance of electric vehicles, and the extrapolation of results from Cologne to the entire NRW region.

Being one of the institutes, the Interactive Systems Research Group focuses on the exploration of novel navigation and mobilization concepts, in particular solutions for a better support of intermodal navigation. Due to the limited range of electric vehicles, but also with respect to the changing mobility behavior in general, assisting users when dealing with different modes of transport is an important aspect that is addressed by demand analyses as well as the development of an application particularly supporting intermodal mobility chains.

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