Mobile Intelligent Assistant

Navigation systems are widespread tools in automobiles. According to recent german studies, the percentage of pre-installed navigation systems increased from less than 6% to 18% within the last six years (in Germany). The percentage of mobile navigation systems even rose from 1% to almost 31% in the same period. With regard to usability and traffic routing, constant progress has been made during the last years. However, there is still room for improvement in many ways.

MIA is a collection providing tools for improving and personalizing the in-car navigation. Therefore web-based services are used in order to support the driver with additional information incorporated in the route guidance. Furthermore, it contains utilities that take the drivers spatial knowledge of the environment into account and adapts the verbal driving instructions according to this knowledge.

Usually, the presentation of the itinerary is very detailed - even if the driver knows parts of the route very well. This is often distracting and annoying. Presentation techniques that take the users knowledge and driving behavior into account can improve the user experience considerably.

Present solutions aim at optimizing routes without taking the driver’s personal knowledge, experience, and preferences into account and, thus, are not personalized. However, incorporation of personal information could improve presentation of routes significantly. On the one hand, instructions should be rather short and abstract, if the user knows the particular area, and, on the other hand, more detailed, while driving through unknown territory.



Exploring the multifarious facets of electromobility

colognE-mobil II

Exploring the multifarious facets of e-mobility, with a focus on smart navigation solutions


Jürgen Ziegler

Full Professor


Daniel Münter

Former team member


Improving navigation support by taking care of drivers’ situational needs

Einflussfaktoren für eine situationsgerechte Navigationsunterstützung im Fahrzeug

Service-Based Recommendations for Context-Aware Navigation Support

Nutzeradaptive Routenführung in Navigationssystemen

Generating Route Instructions with Varying Levels of Detail

Adaptive Routenbeschreibungen für Navigationssysteme

Adaptive presentation of itineraries in navigation systems by means of semantic models