Service-Based Recommendations for Context-Aware Navigation Support

Münter, D., Hussein, T., Gaulke, W., & Ziegler, J. (2012). In H. Proff, J. Schönharting, D. Schramm, & J. Ziegler (Eds.), Zukünftige Entwicklungen in der Mobilität: Betriebswirtschaftliche und Technische Aspekte - Tagungsband des 3. Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität (1. Auflage). Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag.


In this paper, we introduce a novel concept for service integration into navigation systems. Our approach incorporates contextual information (such as the current location or route) as well as information retrieved from web-based services such as hotel ratings or gas prices. We present a generic framework that can be used to design navigation systems based on such information and describe a prototypical implementation.


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