Modeling User Interaction at the Convergence of Filtering Mechanisms, Recommender Algorithms and Advisory Components

Kleemann, T., Wagner, M., Loepp, B., & Ziegler, J. (2021). Mensch Und Computer 2021 – Tagungsband, 531–543.

Thesis by Magdalena Wagner


A variety of methods is used nowadays to reduce the complexity of product search on e-commerce platforms, allowing users, for example, to specify exactly the features a product should have, but also, just to follow the recommendations automatically generated by the system. While such decision aids are popular with system providers, research to date has mostly focused on individual methods rather than their combination. To close this gap, we propose to support users in choosing the right method for the current situation. As a first step, we report in this paper a user study with a fictitious online shop in which users were able to flexibly use filter mechanisms, rely on recommendations, or follow the guidance of a dialog-based product advisor. We show that from the analysis of the interaction behavior, a model can be derived that allows predicting which of these decision aids is most useful depending on the user’s situation, and how this is affected by demographics and personality.


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