Timm Kleemann, M. Sc.

Timm Kleemann joined the Interactive Systems group in 2016. He started working as a student assistant and, after receiving his master’s degree in 2017, is now continuing as a researcher. His research focuses in the field of interactive recommending systems, user interfaces and user experience. Timm left the group at the end of 2022, but continues his work as an external PhD student.


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Blending Conversational Product Advisors and Faceted Filtering in a Graph-Based Approach

An Instrument for measuring users’ meta-intents

Psychological User Characteristics and Meta-Intents in a Conversational Product Advisor

Meta-Intents in Conversational Recommender Systems

Towards Multi-Method Support for Product Search and Recommending

Mixed-Modality Interaction in Conversational Recommender Systems

Explaining Recommendations by Means of Aspect-Based Transparent Memories

Impact of Consuming Suggested Items on the Assessment of Recommendations in User Studies on Recommender Systems

Integration of Dialog-based Product Advisors into Filter Systems

Interactive Recommending with Tag-Enhanced Matrix Factorization (TagMF)

Impact of Item Consumption on Assessment of Recommendations in User Studies

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