Publications about Personal Analytics

Published in 2022

Health Recommender Systems for Mental Health Promotion

Published in 2021

Integrating Behavior Change and Persuasive Design Theories into an Example Mobile Health Recommender System

Towards a User Integration Framework for Personal Health Decision Support and Recommender Systems

Published in 2020

Mobile mood tracking: An investigation of concise and adaptive measurement instruments

Exploring chatbot user interfaces for mood measurement: A study of validity and user experience

Published in 2019

Investigating mechanisms for user integration in the activity goal recommendation process by interface design

Rating-based preference elicitation for recommendation of stress intervention

Published in 2018

Multi-criteria rating-based preference elicitation in health recommender systems

Recommending Running Routes: Framework and Demonstrator

Published in 2017

Measuring local pulse transit time for affective computing applications

Measuring local pulse transit time for affective computing applications

Reproducibility of photoplethysmography-based local pulse transit time measurement

Published in 2016

Smartphone based HRV measurement - an unobtrusive and flexible approach

Using psychophysiological parameters to support users in setting effective activity goals

Supporting users in setting effective goals in activity tracking

Published in 2015

Das Projekt PAnalytics – Selbstmonitoring für gesundes Altern

Published in 2013

Gamification für ältere Menschen – Potenziale und Herausforderungen

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