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Published in 2021

Integrating Behavior Change and Persuasive Design Theories into an Example Mobile Health Recommender System

Towards a User Integration Framework for Personal Health Decision Support and Recommender Systems

Published in 2020

Mobile mood tracking: An investigation of concise and adaptive measurement instruments

Exploring chatbot user interfaces for mood measurement: A study of validity and user experience

Published in 2019

Investigating mechanisms for user integration in the activity goal recommendation process by interface design

Rating-based preference elicitation for recommendation of stress intervention

Published in 2018

Multi-criteria rating-based preference elicitation in health recommender systems

Recommending Running Routes: Framework and Demonstrator

Published in 2017

Measuring local pulse transit time for affective computing applications

Measuring local pulse transit time for affective computing applications

Reproducibility of photoplethysmography-based local pulse transit time measurement

Published in 2016

Smartphone based HRV measurement - an unobtrusive and flexible approach

Using psychophysiological parameters to support users in setting effective activity goals

Supporting users in setting effective goals in activity tracking

Published in 2015

Das Projekt PAnalytics – Selbstmonitoring für gesundes Altern

Published in 2013

Gamification für ältere Menschen – Potenziale und Herausforderungen

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