Publications with awards or nominations

Published in 2023

Blending Conversational Product Advisors and Faceted Filtering in a Graph-Based Approach

Published in 2019

Integration of Dialog-based Product Advisors into Filter Systems

Published in 2018

Impact of Item Consumption on Assessment of Recommendations in User Studies

Published in 2017

Eine Sandbox zur physisch-virtuellen Exploration von Ausgrabungsstätten

Published in 2016

Hootle+: A Group Recommender System Supporting Preference Negotiation

Published in 2015

3D-Visualisierung zur Eingabe von Präferenzen in Empfehlungssystemen

Published in 2014

Choice-based Preference Elicitation for Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems

Published in 2010

Interactive Relationship Discovery via the Semantic Web

Published in 2009

Exploring Relationships between Annotated Images with the ChainGraph Visualization

Published in 2004

Automatische Themenextraktion aus gesprochener Sprache