Publications about Health and Serious Games

Published in 2017

Towards Health (Aware) Recommender Systems

Published in 2015

Sensor-based and tangible interaction with a TV community platform for seniors

Published in 2014

Tagungsband des Workshops "Senioren interaktiv unterwegs – (Kooperations-) Systeme gestalten"

Published in 2013

Das Projekt FoSIBLE – soziale Interaktionsförderung durch interaktives Fernsehen

AAL-Workshop "Lachen kennt kein Alter"

Published in 2012

AAL: Interaktiv. Sozial. Intergenerational?

Analysis and Classification of Serious Games for Elderly

2DGree: Rapid Prototyping for Games

Published in 2011

Serious games for health: An empirical study of the game “Balance” for teenagers with diabetes mellitus

Playful Crowdsourcing for Energy-Efficient Automotive Navigation

Merobrixx – Mental Rotation Bricks: A serious game for cognitive training

Einsatz von Serious Games zur Förderung des Selbstmanagements

Published in 2010

Serious Interface Design for Dental Health: WiiMote-based Tangible Interaction for School Children

Proceedings of the Entertainment Interfaces Track 2010 at Interaktive Kulturen 2010

Published in 2008

Spielend Lernen! Spielend Lernen? Eine empirische Annäherung an die Möglichkeiten einer Synthese von Spielen und Lernen

Published in 2007

Integration technologischer und methodischer Grundlagen digitaler Spiele in die Hochschullehre am Beispiel interdisziplinärer Praxisprojekte

Published in 2006

ARTierchen - Augmented Reality in Touch

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