Publications about Tools for Searching and Exploring Semantic Data

Published in 2022

Published in 2017

Pattern-based analysis of SPARQL queries from the LSQ dataset

Investigating Learnability, User Performance, and Preferences of the Path Query Language SemwidgQL Compared to SPARQL

Published in 2014

SemwidgJS: A Semantic Widget Library for the Rapid Development of User Interfaces for Linked Open Data

Entwicklung semantischer Produktdatenmodelle durch Domänenexperten: Fehleranalyse und Werkzeugunterstützung

Published in 2013

Semantic Models for Adaptive Interactive Systems

A Context-Aware Shopping Portal Based on Semantic Models

Published in 2012

Interactive Construction of Semantic Widgets for Visualizing Semantic Web Data

Published in 2011

Interacting with semantic data by using X3S

Published in 2010

Interactive Relationship Discovery via the Semantic Web

The RelFinder User Interface: Interactive Exploration of Relationships between Objects of Interest

Facet Graphs: Complex semantic querying made easy

Published in 2009

ChainGraph: A New Approach to Visualize Shared Properties in Resource Collections

RelFinder: Revealing Relationships in RDF Knowledge Bases

Semantisch unterstützte Informationsextraktion aus Dokumentenmengen

InteractiveExtractor: Durchgängige Unterstützung bei der Extraktion von anforderungsrelevanten Informationen

Exploring Relationships between Annotated Images with the ChainGraph Visualization

Entdecken und Explorieren von Zusammenhängen im Semantic Web

Published in 2008

ListGraph: Visuelle Analyse von RDF-Daten

iMERGE: Interactive Ontology Merging

Handling the Complexity of RDF Data: Combining List and Graph Visualization

gFacet: A Browser for the Web of Data

Published in 2007

Mapping Cognitive Models to Social Semantic Spaces - Collaborative Development of Project Ontologies

Visualisierung und Editieren komplexer Ontologien mit einer adaptiven Baum-Komponente

Semantic Integrator: Semi-Automatically Enhancing Social Semantic Web Environments

Interaktives Vergleichen und Zusammenführen von Ontologien

Degree-of-interest visualization for ontology exploration

Collaborative ontology development - Distributed architecture and visualization

Bringing Semantics into Folksonomies – Semantische Analyse nutzergenerierter Indexierungen

Published in 2002

Visualizing and exploring large networked information spaces with Matrix Browser

Matrix Browser - Visualisierung und Exploration vernetzter Informationsräume

Matrix Browser - Visualizing and exploring large networked information spaces

Published in 2001

Semantic lenses: exploring large information spaces more efficiently

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