Tim Donkers, M. Sc.

After finishing his master’s program in 2017, Tim Donkers joined the group as a full member. His main research interests are recommender systems, deep learning and explainable AI.


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Office LE 410
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Selected publications

An Instrument for measuring users’ meta-intents

Meta-Intents in Conversational Recommender Systems

Effects of Argumentative Explanation Types on the Perception of Review-Based Recommendations

Explaining Recommendations by Means of Aspect-Based Transparent Memories

Impact of Consuming Suggested Items on the Assessment of Recommendations in User Studies on Recommender Systems

Let Me Explain: Impact of Personal and Impersonal Explanations on Trust in Recommender Systems

Interactive Recommending with Tag-Enhanced Matrix Factorization (TagMF)

Impact of Item Consumption on Assessment of Recommendations in User Studies

Argumentation-based explanations in recommender systems: Conceptual framework and empirical results

Trust-Related Effects of Expertise and Similarity Cues in Human-Generated Recommendations

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