Tim Hussein (former member)

As a postdoctorate, Tim Hussein conducts research in various fields such as recommender systems, context-aware interaction, and adaptive user interfaces in general. In addition to algorithmic and interface-related challenges, he is also interested in psychological aspects of the aforementioned areas. He regularly reviews submissions for international journals and conferences such as CHI, ACM Recommender Systems, IUI, UMAP, Interact, or Mensch & Computer. He also organized various workshops at these conferences. Tim Hussein is head of the Intelligent User Interfaces focus group, coordinating their project and research strategies.

Since 2008, he is an elected representative for the department’s academic non-tenure staff and Ph.D. students. Since 2012, he is member of the governing board of the Interactive Systems section of the GI (German Association for Informatics). He received a diploma in computer science from the University of Dortmund and a doctoral degree (with distinction) from the University of Duisburg-Essen.



Selected publications

MyMovieMixer: Ein hybrider Recommender mit visuellem Bedienkonzept

Herrmanny, K., Schering, S., Berger, R., Loepp, B., Günter, T., Hussein, T., & Ziegler, J. (2014). In Mensch und Computer 2014 – Tagungsband (pp. 45–54). Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg.

Choice-based preference elicitation for collaborative filtering recommender systems

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Hybreed: A Software Framework for Developing Context-Aware Hybrid Recommender Systems

Hussein, T., Linder, T., Gaulke, W., & Ziegler, J. (2014). User Modeling and User Adapted Interaction, 24(1), 121–174.

Semi-automatic generation of recommendation processes and their GUIs

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Semantic Models for Adaptive Interactive Systems

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Interaktive Empfehlungsgenerierung mit Hilfe latenter Produktfaktoren

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A Context-Aware Shopping Portal Based on Semantic Models

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Einflussfaktoren für eine situationsgerechte Navigationsunterstützung im Fahrzeug

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Interactive Construction of Semantic Widgets for Visualizing Semantic Web Data

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Service-Based Recommendations for Context-Aware Navigation Support

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X3S: Eine Spezifikation zur Darstellung und interaktiven Exploration semantischer Daten

Stegemann, T., Hussein, T., Gaulke, W., & Ziegler, J. (2011). In IVDW ’11: Interaktion und Visualisierung im Daten-Web.

Playful Crowdsourcing for Energy-Efficient Automotive Navigation

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Nutzeradaptive Routenführung in Navigationssystemen

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Interacting with semantic data by using X3S

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