Like its predecessor SPREADR, DISCOVR is a showcase of a shopping portal that aims at providing the visitor with better user- and context-aware recommendations for products and events than is possible with traditional recommendation algorithms such as collaborative filtering. In contrast to SPREADR, however, DISCOVR does not focus on spreading activation-based recommendation generation. While a first prototype of the shop was constructed from building blocks of an integrated architecture called “Context-aware Recommendations on Rails”, the current version now leverages the full power of the Hybreed Framework to create hybrid recommenders based upon a variety of different recommendation techniques. As in its predecessor, DISCOVR incorporates a number of internal and external context factors such as the user’s click history, the current location or the current weather to generate adequate recommendations.


  • Hybreed Framework
  • JSF
  • Java



Context-adaptive interaction in cooperative knowledge processes


Jürgen Ziegler

Full Professor


Tim Hussein

Former team member

Werner Gaulke

Former team member

Timm Linder

Former team member


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