Publications related to Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Open Design Spaces (ODS 2010)

Open design spaces: socially crafting interactive experiences

Enhancing collaboration in communities of professionals using a Living Lab approach

The "BSCWeasel" and Eclipse-powered Cooperative End User Development.

Zur Nutzung einer Kooperationsplattform: Befragung von Nutzenden des BSCW-Systeme.

On the Convergence of Intelligent Decision Aids

White paper on Web 2.0 & Enterprise cooperation services based on Web 2.0 principles

Collaborative environments to support professional communities: a living lab approach

Portal modules for groupware systems

Open design spaces supporting user innovation: perspectives and challenges

Open Design Spaces (ODS) : Innovation durch Nutzerbeteiligung.

"Medium and Mechanism" - Zur Rolle von Koordinatoren in der Praxis.

Design Communication & Communication Design - Setting up a Virtual Living Lab across Distributed Spheres of Design & Use.

Collaboration in and for e-Research: making the ’O’ in virtual organisation work

Sozio-technische Infrastrukturen für demokratische Prozesse: Praxis und Perspektiven.

Kommunikative Vernetzung in der universitären Lehre.

Creating Functionality from the Standpoint of the Subject - From the Objectification of Purposes in Artifacts to the Integration of Contributions in Spaces of Action.

Contributing to Functionality - The Case of a Network of Union Educators.

Vernetzte Handlungsräume: Zur Ausgestaltung technisch unterstützter, verteilter Wissensarbeit.

Creating Sharing and Using Collections of PD Procedures.

Ein kollaboratives Task-Management-System mit spielerischen Elementen