Publications related to Sensor-based and tangible interaction with a TV community platform for seniors

AAL-Workshop "Lachen kennt kein Alter"

HCI engineering: Charting the way towards methods and tools for advanced interactive systems

Tagungsband des Workshops "Senioren interaktiv unterwegs – (Kooperations-) Systeme gestalten"

Rechnerunterstützung für kooperative Arbeit - Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Methoden und Werkzeuge für kooperatives Content Engineering

MetaChart: Using creativity methods in a CSCW environment

An architecture for recovering business events bottom-up

Prozess- und Kooperationsunterstützung in Intra- und Internet

Integrating Groupware and Workflow in a Public Administration

Eine Sandbox zur physisch-virtuellen Exploration von Ausgrabungsstätten

Das Projekt FoSIBLE – soziale Interaktionsförderung durch interaktives Fernsehen

ARTierchen - Augmented Reality in Touch

Towards a Design Space for Personalizing the Presentation of Recommendations

Using psychophysiological parameters to support users in setting effective activity goals

Merobrixx – Mental Rotation Bricks: A serious game for cognitive training

Involving End Users in Distributed Requirements Engineering