Sidra Naveed (former member)

Sidra joined the Interactive System Group as a PhD student in 2016. She received a master’s degree in Computer Science in 2014 and bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering in 2011. She is awarded the DAAD International Doctoral Scholarship in 2015 in Germany and currently conducting her PhD in the field of Recommender Systems. She is also a former DAAD Research Exchange Student and conducted her 3 months research in the GETLab of Universität Paderborn, Germany in 2012. The research focuses on the RUI (Robot User Interface) design for the ‘rescue mission’ robots. The robots are designed to conduct rescue missions on part of the humans, where operators controlling the robot and interact with complex interfaces.

Currently, Sidra is interested in integrating the explanation facilities in recommender systems with the argumentation schemes, i.e. how to generate argumentative explanations, how to present them to the users, and allow users to interact with these argumentative explanations.

Her main research areas are Recommender Systems, Argumentations in Decision Support Systems and, Human Computer Interaction.





Featuristic: An interactive hybrid system for generating explainable recommendations – Beyond system accuracy

On the Use of Feature-based Collaborative Explanations: An Empirical Comparison of Explanation Styles

Feature-driven interactive recommendations and explanations with collaborative filtering approach

To explain or not to explain: the effects of personal characteristics when explaining feature-based recommendations in different domains

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