Matthias Klauser (former member)

Matthias Klauser M. Sc. is involved in several research projects at the interactive Systems and interaction design chair of the university of Duisburg-Essen. Within the Game Technology Competence Center NRW (GTCC.NRW), which is part of the Game Development Initiative Ruhr (GDI.Ruhr), he is responsible for the technical support and the co-organizer of the workshops within the project. Besides the GTCC.NRW he works in the European research project FOSIBLE (FOstering Social Interaction for a Better Live of the Elderly). The goal of the project is to activate and connect elderly people with innovative systems with regard to their individual living circumstances, needs and interests. Besides the coordination of the project our focus in this project is the analysis of user requirements and the translation of them into innovative systems is the main focus in this project.

In both projects he combines the areas of Usability engineering, gaming research and experience evaluation. Currently he works on methods identify player specific situations and behavior during gaming sessions. Therefore he connects different methods of analysis like questionnaires, user tests and game metrics analysis.



Gameinsam – A playful application fostering distributed family interaction on TV

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Measuring the impact of game controllers on player experience in FPS games

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Förderung sozialer Interaktion durch Activity Communities für Senioren

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Merobrixx – Mental Rotation Bricks: A serious game for cognitive training

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