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Published in 2022

Psychological User Characteristics and Meta-Intents in a Conversational Product Advisor

Published in 2021

On the Convergence of Intelligent Decision Aids

Published in 2020

NewsViz: Depicting and Controlling Preference Profiles Using Interactive Treemaps in News Recommender Systems

Published in 2019

Published in 2018

Ein kollaboratives Task-Management-System mit spielerischen Elementen

Designing Interactive Visualizations of Personalized Review Data for a Hotel Recommender System

Trust-Related Effects of Expertise and Similarity Cues in Human-Generated Recommendations

Published in 2017

Towards a Design Space for Personalizing the Presentation of Recommendations

Eine Sandbox zur physisch-virtuellen Exploration von Ausgrabungsstätten

Published in 2016

Rule-enhanced task models for increased expressiveness and compactness

Published in 2009

Challenges and Potentials of User Involvement in the Process of Creating Games

Published in 2008

Involving End Users in Distributed Requirements Engineering

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