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Published in 2020

Effects of Argumentative Explanation Types on the Perception of Review-Based Recommendations

Published in 2019

Let Me Explain: Impact of Personal and Impersonal Explanations on Trust in Recommender Systems

Interactive Recommending with Tag-Enhanced Matrix Factorization (TagMF)

Published in 2018

Impact of Item Consumption on Assessment of Recommendations in User Studies

Argumentation-based explanations in recommender systems: Conceptual framework and empirical results

Trust-Related Effects of Expertise and Similarity Cues in Human-Generated Recommendations

Explaining Recommendations by Means of User Reviews

Published in 2017

Sequential User-based Recurrent Neural Network Recommendations

Published in 2016

Towards Understanding Latent Factors and User Profiles by Enhancing Matrix Factorization with Tags

Published in 2015

Merging Latent Factors and Tags to Increase Interactive Control of Recommendations

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