Publications about Model-based Interfaces

Published in 2022

Published in 2016

Rule-enhanced task models for increased expressiveness and compactness

Published in 2015

Using profiled ontologies to leverage model driven user interface generation

Published in 2013

Semi-automatic generation of recommendation processes and their GUIs

Published in 2011

Nutzeradaptive Routenführung in Navigationssystemen

Generating Route Instructions with Varying Levels of Detail

Adaptive Routenbeschreibungen für Navigationssysteme

Adaptive presentation of itineraries in navigation systems by means of semantic models

Published in 2010

Automated Generation of a Faceted Navigation Interface Using Semantic Models

Published in 2007

Model-Driven Dynamic Generation of Context-Adaptive Web User Interfaces

Modellgetriebene Generierung von Webanwendungsprototypen

Published in 2006

Dynamic Generation of Context-Adaptive Web User Interfaces through Model Interpretation

Dynamische Generierung kontextadaptiver Benutzungsschnittstellen durch Modellinterpretation

Published in 2005

Kontextmodellierung für adaptive webbasierte Systeme

Eine komponentenorientierte Architektur für die kontext-sensitive Adaption von Web-Anwendungen

Context-aware Web Engineering: Modeling and Applications

Ontologiebasiertes Engineering kontextadaptiver Webanwendungen

Published in 2004

Navigation Patterns - Pattern Systems Based on Structural Mappings

A conceptual model for context-aware Web engineering

Published in 2003

Ontologiebasierte Vorgehensweise zur Modellierung komponentenorientierter Web-Anwendungen

A methodology for the component-based development of web applications

Published in 2002

Pattern-unterstützte Modellierung von Informations- und Navigationsstrukturen im Content Engineering

Published in 2001

Hybrid modeling of team-oriented processes

Building ontologies for knowledge management applications in group sessions

Published in 1999

Task modelling for cooperative work

Modellierung kooperativer Arbeitsprozesse mit CoCharts - Konzepte und Notation

A framework for modelling and designing cooperation support systems

Published in 1997

ViewNet - Konzeptionelle Gestaltung und Modellierung von Navigationsstrukturen

ViewNet - Conceptual design and modelling of navigation

Published in 1996

Automatische Generierung graphischer Benutzungsschnittstellen

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