Publications related to A framework and an architecture for context-aware group recommendations

Context-aware Recommendations on Rails

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A Context-Aware Shopping Portal Based on Semantic Models

Wahrnehmung und Akzeptanz von systemgenerierten Produktempfehlungen

Hybride, kontext-sensitive Generierung von Produktempfehlungen

Adapting web sites by spreading activation in ontologies

Hybreed: a software framework for developing context-aware hybrid recommender systems

Service-Based Recommendations for Context-Aware Navigation Support

Kontextabhängige Empfehlung von Services zur intelligenten Navigationsunterstützung

Context-adaption based on ontologies and spreading activation

Choice-based Preference Elicitation for Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems

Interaktive Empfehlungsgenerierung mit Hilfe latenter Produktfaktoren

Context Modeling for Adaptive Collaboration

Recommending Running Routes: Framework and Demonstrator

Semi-automatic generation of recommendation processes and their GUIs

Use-Cases zur Validierung generischer Adaptiver Ansätze

Modeling and exploiting context for adaptive collaboration

Context-aware Recommendations

Einflussfaktoren für eine situationsgerechte Navigationsunterstützung im Fahrzeug

Interactive Construction of Semantic Widgets for Visualizing Semantic Web Data

Interacting with semantic data by using X3S

An approach towards personalized user interfaces for smart homes

Adaptive Nutzerschnittstelle für intelligente Wohnumgebungen

Generating semantic contexts from spoken conversation in meetings

Ontologiebasiertes Engineering kontextadaptiver Webanwendungen

Contextualizing search results in networked directories

MyMovieMixer: Ein hybrider Recommender mit visuellem Bedienkonzept


On User Awareness in Model-Based Collaborative Filtering Systems

Using profiled ontologies to leverage model driven user interface generation

Semantic Models for Adaptive Interactive Systems

Explanation of spreading activation based recommendations

Supporting systematic usage of context in Web applications

Nutzeradaptive Routenführung in Navigationssystemen

Generating Route Instructions with Varying Levels of Detail